Back in San Juan for San Se



Sunday we had an entire day to spend in Old San Juan. It was the last day of the San Sebastian Street Festival. This is the view from Castillo de San Cristobal. Old San Juan is a historical site. We got there around 11 am and went and watched a video about the history of Puerto Rico and then toured the fort.


Buses were pouring in from all over the island and the streets started to fill with people. We found the highest point of the fort to watch.

047_StreetsFilling.jpgThe streets quickly filled with people. I didn’t get many shots after this because I was overwhelmed. There were marching bands. People were singing and dancing. Everyone was getting a bit rowdy. There were concerts and artisan vendors. We wandered around eating tacos, drinking pina coladas and just taking it all in.

049_Tanline.jpgTan line from biking with a wrist brace the whole time.

AirBnb_IslaVerde.JPGWe got lucky with a really lovely AirBnb in Isla Verde. Since someone cancelled on me at the last minute AirBnb gave me a coupon to cover the cost of finding a place at the last minute and we were able to afford something a bit nicer.

On the last day of our trip Brian biked back to Bike Stop to pick up some bike boxes. They were so awesome they actually drove him back to the AirBnb when they realized he was planning on biking with the boxes on his back ;).

I would have loved to have missed our flight, but unfortunately it was delayed so we still made it despite getting to the airport at the last minute.


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