Day 2: Ceiba to Patillas

Distance: 50.5 miles
Elevation: 2,415 ft

Route 3 picked up right outside of the Airbnb in Ceiba. Route 3 takes many forms. On day 1 it was pretty much a highway for most of it, but on day 2 it was often a coastal road. We were riding on awesome fast rolling hills and stopped in Naugabo to enjoy the view.




View of a river just passed Naugabo. I wished we had a canoe!

Route 3 went inland briefly to Humacoa where it was more a town with lots of traffic and chain fast food restaurants. We stopped at a place called palmas bakery right off of 3 a bit south of humacao. Cheap delicious sandwiches and coffee.

Once we got past Humacoa 3 started to wind through fields with cows and horses in a valley surrounded by mountains. It was so beautiful but if we stopped to take a photo every time something was beautiful we’d never make it to the next AirBnb. Around Yabucoa we turned off onto 191. At first it was very much the same but then all of a sudden It went up. STEEP up.


We had to pull over a few times because all the gear made climbing difficult. It was about 90 degrees and very sunny and hot. I was covering myself in sunscreen every time we stopped. At one point we were pulled over next to a house with a gate and a man asked if we were ok. He asked if we needed water and stuck a hose out and filled all 4 of our water bottles. He was so kind as were many of the people we interacted with on our trip. The views from the top were incredible.


For me the decent was a bit terrifying because I only have one good hand. I tried to go a bit slow. It was narrow with traffic passing and lots of twists. Saw a few more dead iguanas and unidentified marsupials. More roosters.

017_ViewfromPuntaTunaoftheclimbView from the Punta Tuna lighthouse of the Camino Nuevo

After the decent we had the option to take 7706 out to punta tuna light house. The turn looks pretty steep and almost turned me off of the idea, but it was worth it to do a bit more climbing. 018_MyBikeatPuntaTuna
My bike at the Punta Tuna light house. From there we got back on Route 3 and made a stop at Restaurant Musafa with a view of the beach.

020_MofongoRestaurantMusafaMy first Mofongo. I got it stuffed with Octopus. I liked the octopus but the mofongo part was very dense and fried so I only ate ab it of it. I loved watching the pelicans diving for fish while we waited for our food.

Another 5 miles got us to our Airbnb in patillas on the beach front. No AC but enough fans to be comfortable.



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