Day 4: Ponce to Boqueron

Distance: 55.5 miles
Elevation: 1,821 ft


There were many beautiful cemeteries nestled in the mountains.

My favorite part of this ride was Calle la Montalua. First of all there was almost no traffic and the road was very smooth. It was slightly downhill for a lot of it and we had a tailwind so we went nice and fast. It went right alongside a wetland nature preserve and was really beautiful.

I should have taken more photos but I was busy riding my bike. This cactus was from one of our rest stops.

We decided to treat ourselves to a nice hotel this night, since I knew the ride on day 5 would be our hardest day on the bike. We stayed at a place called the Aquarius Vacation Club. We arrived a little before check in so we had margaritas and dinner first. Then we changed into a swimsuits and swam in the cove by the hotel. It was absolutely gorgeous. We had a really good time for about an hour or so until I got stung by a jellyfish. Then we could a couple of cold Medallas from the beachside bar and drank them out on a dock as we watched the sunset. Luckily the jellyfish sting wasn’t too serious and the welts went away after about 30 minutes. We walked around the little nightlife area by the ocean that had a lot of cute bars and restaurants. Despite having had an early dinner around 3:30 or 4:00 we decided to have second dinner and each ate half of a ham and pineapple pizza.

One of my biggest regrets from the trip was missing the Cabo Rojo lighthouse. It isn’t actually in Cabo Rojo though. On our way to Boqueron we would have had to go slightly out of our way (left on 301 south to the lighthouse and then back). But once I looked up images I wish I had done that. NEXT TIME. But if you decide to go on a similar trip, plan to go.


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