Day 6: Arecibo to San Juan

Distance: 61.2 miles
Elevation: 1,302 ft

We started out the day pretty exhausted from the suffer fest of day 5. In my head I thought we only had about 50 miles back to San Juan, and it should be pretty flat so it seemed do-able.


We stopped about 10 miles in at Cueva del Indio. It was pretty majestic. We had to pay $3 to “park” our bikes to a somewhat intimidating man with a baseball bat.

I’d love to go back and spend more time at the caves but as it were we had quite a bit of a ride ahead of us.

During a lunch break at a road site chicken joint we noticed a dog watching everything from a rooftop.

043_Dying.jpgThis photo was around the time I realized our 50 mile ride would actually be more like 65 because we still have 30 miles to go. Also the place I wanted to stop and eat at wasn’t open/didn’t exist. I wonder how many places were closed because of the San Sebastian Festival going on in Old San Juan. It is a 4 day festival so our last few days on the bike overlapped.

We were mostly on coastal roads. Dorado seemed pretty fancy and had a nice bike lane for us. Around Toa Baja it turned into more of a highway, but the cars were pretty nice because I think they realized how recently there had been a bike lane. Unfortunately getting back to Isla Verde from where we were on the island at that point didn’t seem to have a direct route. It was almost dark and we were exhausted. So, once more, I routed us onto 2 and it was kind of horrible. At one point a man in a truck pulled over and pointed to the bed of his truck enthusiastically, so we decided to hitch hike one last time. I told him we were from Chicago and he got really excited and showed us pictures of him at the bean. He drove us to the point where 2 intersected with a much nicer road, 37. This took us the whole way back to our last AirBnb where we arrived shortly after dark.


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