Puerto Rico Bike Tour 2017 – Getting Ready

I’m posting a 2017 update to our trip, because I would still love to see others replicate this trip. Puerto Rico is so much bang for your buck, and Jet Blue has really affordable tickets. Checking a bike on JetBlue is $50 each way. We lucked out and were charged $25 for some reason.

The people in Puerto Rico are amazing. Everyone is very enthusiastic and seem very outdoorsy and to enjoy adventure. Whenever we talked about our trip with people they would get very excited and suggest routes or places to stop.

For 2017 we decided to reverse the route, so we could climb what we descended, maybe end up wanting to take breaks in different spots. It worked out beautifully, and we had a very different trip but equally wonderful.

The things to know I mentioned in my original blog post still stand. I would just add that you should expect to be chased by dogs, but it is ok because you are faster than them. If they chase you on a hill just yell at them and they will back down.

Doing the trip a second time led to several improvements over the original trip. This year I charted out our ride each day with ride with gps. I’m starting each post with the route from ride with gps as well as my strava route since we changed a few things along the way.

Using ride with gps gave us the exact mileage and elevation for each day which is a great planning tool. We also had turn by turn navigation once we loaded it on our Garmins. I still had a map, but it was nice to not have to pull over as often.

I suggest this map because the level of detail was really good and its laminated.

Arriving in San Juan

Our flight was delayed 5.5 hours so we arrived at our first AirBnb in Miramar quite late. When you arrive at the airport you go to a cab stand and let them know what neighborhood you are going to and they set a price. It was just shy of $20. Uber exists in San Juan now (it started in November of 2016, but you cannot call an uber from the airport as of January 2017)

Had we arrived on time I would have liked to eat at Casita Miramar, but instead we ate some energy bars and got to work getting our bikes together and organizing our panniers.


The location of our Airbnb was great being slightly more residential and outside of the very touristy area of Condado. We had a private room in a house with several rooms all dedicated to AirBnB guests. The house was lovely and had a nice outdoor area where we could build our bikes. I would definitely stay at this location again. The bathroom was really nice with a great shower.





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