Day 2: Arecibo to Rincon

Ride with GPS
Miles: 46
Elevation: 2,392

On day 2 our planned route and actual route were pretty different. Our AirBnB host, Edgardo, biked ALL THE WAY to Rincon with us which was really, really cool. We started the day with an amazing breakfast of eggs and ham made with eggs from Edgardo’s own chickens!

To get out of Arecibo you have to take highway 2 for a short while, but it is very ok. Other cyclists frequent it and there is a large berm, so people give you a lot of space. Just be aware of storm grates!

One of the first roads we hit was Calle Amador Brall which probably wins the award for my favorite road in Puerto Rico. It is perfectly smooth and goes right along the beach so you can watch the waves crashing. There was a light rain in the morning so we got to enjoy a rainbow! It was a beautiful way to start our day.

Rainbow on the side of Calle Amador Brall.

Edgardo showed us a few different ways to bypass certain areas. He took a shortcut along a beach while Brian and I rode through a part of the road Edgardo said locals call “the belly button”. We had to walk up it last year and Brian really wanted to give it another shot. There was a very steep climb, followed by a steep descent, followed by some sharp turns, and a twisty very steep climb. It totally killed me. When we got to the top it started raining and we found Edgardo relaxing under a roof outside a café. This is when I realized his short cuts were probably very good. I’m pretty sure Brian threw up at the top of the belly button.

We took a slightly different route called Calle Panoramica. This used to be the route for a train but is now a small road. It had lovely views and n0 traffic so it was really nice.

oooo spooky

Shortly after we took a detour through the Tunel de Guajataca. This was absolutely gorgeous and very worth checking out.

This area was carved away for a train to pass through the mountainside.

Our airbnb host leading the way!


We ended up taking a detour, shortcut type thing through a large field. It had rained quite a bit so everything was wet. Normally I really enjoy biking offroad but I had 25s on and a bit of weight on my bike. I was still feeling very nervous because last year I ripped off my rear deurailleur so I walked through a lot of the field even though it was fairly rideable. After the field we had to take our panniers off and lift our bikes over a fence to get back to the road.

Just a short trip through a field to avoid riding on Highway 2

What followed was a very epic steep climb. We managed to get to the top just as another rainstorm started and we took cover under an abandoned house’s porch. Most of the rain showers would pass by pretty quickly so it made sense to try to wait them out and stay dry when possible.

This dog watched us as we took shelter from the rain.

After Isabela we would have had a chance to take a few different roads out along the coast of the North West corner of the island. The forecast looked like a lot of rain though so we decided to take a more direct route. Edgardo took us to a coffee shop off of route 2 just north of Aguadilla. It was a really nice place to stop. Great coffee. They also had sandwiches and lots of juice, etc. Then we took 115 past Aguada and towards Rincon.

View from a lookout near Aguadilla.

We could have stayed at 115 at the top of the mountain/hill in Rincon but I accidentally routed us onto 413 which included more climbing but also great views. At this point a downpour happened so we descended into our AirBnb in Rincon in a downpour. I’m glad it was only as far as it was because I didn’t have a hat on and the rain was just pouring into my eyes making it very hard to see. It was still absolutely beautiful even in the rain.

We stayed at a super cute Airbnb in Rincon which is a super chill surfer town.


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