Day 3: Rincon to Boqueron with a trip to Cabo Rojo

Ride with GPS
Miles: 54
Elevation: 1,883

Edgardo suggested we add our trip to the Cabo Rojo lighthouse, at the Southwestern tip of the island, to the end of this day vs at the start of day 4. This was a really great tip.

The sun came out which was really nice. The winds were from the North East, so as we headed south it felt good. The roads were smooth and we made quick work of it. We stopped at Friends Café in Mayaguez and had coffee on the beach.

Biking with coffee.

We arrived in Boqureon by 3:00 so we decided to check in, drop our gear and head to the Cabo Rojo lighthouse. We stayed at the Aquarius Beach Hotel this night. It was hard to find an AirBnb in Boqueron so maybe next time I would try to find one closer to the Cabo Rojo lighthouse? The roads leading there were really nice and the tailwind and lack of gear helped us make really quick work of it. I think it took us about 20 minutes to get most of the way there.

301 heading towards the Cabo Rojo lighthouse.

Then we hit some crazy muddy roads a few km away from the lighthouse.

301 got very muddy in its final stretches to the lighthouse.

The road was completely covered in massive potholes (the photo is from before we hit the massive pot holes) and cars were having trouble driving down them. Brian rode most of it but I ended up walking after a bit because I didn’t want to fall and mess up my bike in the middle of nowhere. The views were absolutely amazing. We had a moment where we could see the lighthouse in the distance but it was so tiny, and the road was such a sloppy muddy disaster that we thought about turning around. Last year I had been SO UPSET about missing the Cabo Rojo lighthouse and I wanted to see it so badly. So looking at the map and realizing how close we were I just couldn’t turn around. Eventually we made it to the parking lot and then there was a gravel road that went up and got a lot less muddy. The lighthouse was beautiful and the cliffs were stunning. I only wished we had more time to explore. The park closed at 5:00 and we had to make it back out the crazy muddy road.


Celebrating a great day with Medalla and an entire Hawaiian pizza.

I took a bubble bath at the hotel to calm my knee pain down while Brian patched the tubes from the flats we got. I hit a nut on the side of the road and got a pinch flat. The day before I ran over a staple. I think Brian hit some glass. We got a total of 6 flats over the course of the trip.


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