Day 4: Boquron to Ponce

Ride with GPS
Miles: 51.4
Elevation: 1,877 ft

We had visited the Cabo Rojo lighthouse the day before, so we decided to take 101 across to 303 at the beginning of day 4. Another option would be to take 301 to 303. Both roads are really pretty. Edgardo suggested a dirt road that goes across called Camino Las Guanabanas so that is another route to consider. We were nervous to take it because it had rained a lot. The roads were really fun this day. There was a lot of climbing and rolling hills and beautiful secluded roads. The part that goes through Reserva Natural de La Parguera was really beautiful too. There were a lot of cactuses which was a sharp contrast to the jungle type roads a few days before. It would be good to refuel on water before you hit this area as it is pretty secluded.



There is a bike shop in Yauco on 46 calle 25 De Julio if you end up needing something at this point of your trip.

From Tallaboa to Ponce you have to ride on highway 2 for quite a while. I didn’t mind at first but I started to get pretty exhausted by the end of the trip and the constant vigilance of being aware of the fast moving traffic wore me out. We stopped by a gas station on our way to our AirBnb and got a couple of Medallas to drink on the porch while we waited for our host. Medalla is a light beer that is incredibly popular in Puerto Rico. It probably tastes terrible when you aren’t on a tropical island.


The next day was my birthday so I decided to splurge on a really nice AirBnb in Ponce. It was hard to capture the house’s beauty because it was dimly lit by chandeliers. It is owned by an artist with really great taste. I absolutely loved it.



The location was perfect because it was very close to the Plaza las Delicias. This is an apt name because we ate a lot of very good food there. Ponce is the most populated area in Puerto Rico outside of San Juan. There is a lot to do there and it has a very interesting history. The culture and architecture are very different from the north side of the island.

We ate at Sabor y Rumba for dinner which I would highly recommend.



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