Day 5: Ponce to Patillas

Ride with GPS
Miles: 47.9
Elevation: 823 ft

January 13th is my birthday. I woke up early and made several pots of coffee at our Airbnb and drank them in the beautiful garden.


For breakfast we ate at Al Fresco and sat on a second floor balcony overlooking the square.


We enjoyed ourselves so much we didn’t leave Ponce until 11:30. This day I found myself really not wanting to ride my bike. I was tired and there was a very strong headwind from the east. The road was flat and very straight and boring. The views were still really nice when you looked left to the mountains and we saw a giant rainbow. The road was narrow with pretty heavy traffic. If you rode directly on the white line it was smoother than the road itself. By the end of the day my hands were sore from the effort of staying on the line in the wind.

We finally made it to our AirBnb in Patillas around 5:30. At the time there was a restaurant directly across the street that was open. By the time we showered it was closed. I checked my phone hoping for another nearby restaurant but saw nothing. It was dark, and the road we were on (3) was a narrow coastal rode that huge semis drove on. I didn’t really want to ride any further in the dark. My phone showed a restaurant 3 km up the road and we didn’t know what else to do so we started walking. (If you stay in Patillas it would be a good idea to find a restaurant on your way there. There are a few overlooking the ocean.)

About a mile later we came across a little roadside restaurant. It didn’t look fancy but the food was wonderful. Sometimes the little restaurant icons on google maps can be a decent indicator of where restaurants are. Not everything on yelp or google actually exists, and not everything that exists is on yelp or google.


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