Day 7: Fajardo to San Juan

Ride with GPS
Miles: 38.6
Elevation: 876 ft

At the suggestion of our AirBnb host we visited las vistas café for breakfast and it was amazing. The owner was a really sweet woman who learned our names immediately and played a lot of ABBA.


On this our final day of riding, a massive wind from the east pushed us all the way to San Juan. I was feeling pretty tired and my knee pain was acting up so I was very thankful for the tailwind. I took a moment to mourn my rear derailleur when we passed the spot where I ripped it off last year. It was interesting to see how areas that were almost dead when we went through them last year were incredibly active and crowded this time. Traveling down 187 on a Sunday afternoon meant tons of traffic. All of the kiosks were open and people were everywhere. We made really good time (despite getting 3 flats this day) and were checked in to our Airbnb in Condado by 3:00.

It was super close to the beach and lots of restaurants. Pinky’s was a great breakfast spot. It was a tiny place, but if you go early you can get a spot. Very good cafe con leche and breakfast sandwiches.

img_1390 img_1497
Chavito and Catita, the adorable dogs from our Airbnb in Condado.

Condado is touristy, but very pretty

Brian biked to Bike Stop and picked up 2 bike boxes so we could pack up our bikes for the trip home.

We had a day and a half to hang out in San Juan after the bike trip. We visited El Morro and Castillo San Cristóbal. We went last year, but the views are so good we decided to go again.


Oh side note, Uber exists on the island now. Mostly only in populated areas like San Juan, Fajardo, Ponce, etc. We were able to get from Condado to Old San Juan for like $5. We had already packed up our bikes at this point.

If you like chocolate, you should go to Casa Cortes Choco bar in old San Juan. They somehow find a way to include chocolate in everything. We had mallorcas which is a sandwich made on a special sweet bread. We also had some insane pastries and my cafe con chocolate was too intense for me to even finish. Chocolate overload.


Until next time, Puerto Rico…


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